Jemez Valley Credit Union, hereinafter referred to as JVCU, is committed to making available financial products and services that will enable its members to meet their financial goals. We are equally committed to protecting our member’s privacy.

At JVCU we collect non-public personal information from several sources, including information provided by members, joint owners, co-borrowers, guarantors, agents, our affiliates and others on various applications and forms, such as membership applications, loan applications, and requests for information about accounts or products and services.

JVCU also collects information effected by transactions or by providing our products and services, covering transactions from loans, shares, negotiable instruments, ATM cards and electronic transfers. We collect information from consumer reporting agencies.

Some of the types of businesses that we are affiliated with are:

  • ATM card processor Financial Institutions
  • Consumer reporting agency Insurance company
  • Data processor State and Federal Regulatory Agencies

JVCU does not share information with non- affiliated third parties. Therefore, we are not required to provide members with an opt-out option.

JVCU has the right to exercise certain exceptions provided by law with regard to members’ rights to opt out. Therefore, JVCU may disclose personal information about members without giving an opt-out provision in the following instances:

  • for processing transactions at the member’s request or consent
  • as necessary to effect, administer or enforce a transaction
  • to administer or service benefits or claims relating to the transaction or the
  • product or service business of which it is a part
  • to provide confirmation, statement or other record of the transaction or
  • information on the status or value of the financier service or financial product
  • for authorization, settlement, billing, processing, clearing, transferring, reconciling or collection of amounts charged, debited, or otherwise paid to transfer receivables, accounts or interests therein
  • with the consent or at the direction of the member
  • to protect the confidentiality or security of records pertaining to the member, service product or transaction
  • to protect against fraud, unauthorized transactions, claims or other liability
  • for required institutional risk control or for resolving consumer disputes or inquiries
  • to persons holding a legal or beneficial interest relating to the member or those acting in a fiduciary capacity
  • to consumer reporting agencies
  • for merger, sale, transfer or exchange of business or operating unit
  • as required or permitted by law
  • to provide information to insurance rate advisory organizations, guaranty funds or agencies, agencies that are rating you, persons that are assessing compliance, attorneys accountants and auditors.

JVCU does not and will not share or sell our members’ personal information to outside companies that do not have any relationship with the Credit Union, including list services and telemarketers, who wish to directly market their product or services to our members.

JVCU will make every effort to protect member information through strong security controls to ensure that member information in files and computers is protected. Where appropriate, JVCU will use security-coding techniques to protect against unauthorized access to personal records, ensure accuracy and integrity of communications and transactions.

JVCU will only share information when necessary and will only share information to administer the products and services we provide, when required to do so by the government, or when we partner with other businesses to offer a broader array of products and services.

JVCU will partner only with businesses that follow strict confidentiality requirements. The businesses we select will offer products designed to enhance our members’ economic wellbeing. Under no circumstance will we authorize firms to charge our members’ accounts without express written consent by the member.

Policy approved and adopted by the Board of Directors on February 21, 2001.



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